Burning Bowl Ceremony - Center for Spiritual Living Anacortes

New Year January Events at Center for Spiritual Living Anacortes

Rev. Ginny Kluth with Flowers
Rev. Ginny Kluth

With a Yes! Begin this New Year

Burning Bowl Ceremony

Sunday, January 5th, 10:00AM

  • 10:00 Meditation
  • At 10:30 – Amy Hindman shares her gift of music
  • We say yes to new Possibilities – A Quick Start into 2014 – and our Burning Bowl Ceremony of “Release and Trust.”
  • Stay for “treats” and share as we “Un-Deck the Hall” !

New Visioning Circle Begins

Saturday, January 11th, 9:30-11:00AM

  • Visioning ~ An Introduction: Possibilities & Intent – a new circle forms and we invite the power of Spirit through our 2014 intentions.

Special Saturday Workshop

Saturday, January 25, 9:30-about 1:30

  • “Speaking With Heart” – Practice letting your heart guide you and speak.

Attend a CSL Anacortes Event This January!

Try something new!

Let your heart, mind, and spirit walk a new exciting path!

And the Blessings multiply in Joy!

– Rev. Ginny

July 28th Sunday – Announcement

Service Announcement for July 28th, 2013

Sunday – July 28th

  • 10am Meditation – Preparing to Receive
  • 10:30 am The Speaker: Rev. Ginny Kluth

Talk: “The Gift ~ Start to Finish”
Music: Amy Hindman

Additional Highlights

The Rev. Ginny Kluth will be speaking for the first time in in three weeks after recovering from her recent illness. We will be blessed to have her back. The Rev. Sandra Swift did an excellent job in her absence, and we are extremely grateful for her contributions to Center for Spiritual Living Anacortes.

I recently asked someone what brought them to the service on that given day (they were new), and they said it was because of the word “Spiritual” in the title of our denomination instead of “Religious”. Think on this, and join us for this week’s Celebration Service and Meditation. Do not forget the coffee, snacks, and fellowship afterwards either.

See you Sunday!

July Potluck At Center for Spiritual Living Anacortes

The July Potluck, 2013

We all arrived at Carol’s house in the evening with food in hand. We ate various appetizers, talked, and joined in shelling some fresh garden peas to eat with the potluck dinner. Carol’s garden and yard were beautiful, and we enjoyed being outside for the first half of the evening while waiting for the main courses to be ready.

Once all was prepared, we joined together inside around the table and ate wonderful bbq chicken, salads, fresh peas, and so forth. There were many laughs and possibly one broken chair (but we will leave that one for the inside jokes – in love, of course).

Once we finished eating, Karen led us in walking through a list of brainstormed ideas about how we can make the Center for Spiritual Living Anacortes a thriving and welcoming spiritual center. We talked about meditation spaces, art expression days, website content, the prayer ministry, and how the center could better express that it welcomes ALL people.

That last topic was taken up by the website where we will post (have now posted – you will notice it on the right side there if you are on a PC/MAC) a PRIDE flag to represent LGBT acceptance as well as an acceptance statement.

The idea behind this was that many traditional churches express that they are accepting but may still marginalize the LGBT community, and consequently, if the Center for Spiritual Living Anacortes expressed full acceptance of the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgendered communities, then the world may take us a little more serious when we say that we do indeed accept and cherish each individual who walks through our doors.

Our Accepting and Affirming Statement

YOU are welcome and accepted regardless of your sexual orientation, race, creed, gender, economic status, age, and all other aspects of the human experience that make us “different” from each other. We are ONE, and we accept YOU! Join us!

Media Release – Marriage Equality is a Basic Human Right says New Thought Spiritual Leader

Marriage Equality is a Basic Human Right says New Thought Spiritual Leader
“Everyone is equal in the eyes of God”Gay Flag

GOLDEN, Colo., June 26, 2013 – Marriage equality is a basic human right, says Dr. Kenn Gordon, spiritual leader to more than 250,000 adherents worldwide of the New Thought philosophy known as Religious Science. “This is a spiritual question, not a political one. Today’s U.S. Supreme Court decisions are important steps toward the ultimate goal of full marriage equality. It is inane for us to put laws forward in our social contract like marriage and say it is OK for some but not for everyone. Everyone is equal in the eyes of God. We believe that love is the foundation of all major religious philosophies, and therefore we support the expression of love in same-sex couples and the right of same-sex couples to marry.”

He adds, “Religious Science endeavors to get to the spiritual truth of the matter and through that lens we see that marriage equality is about human and civil rights.  It is not up to a court to deny basic human rights to anyone.”

Begun in 1924 by Dr. Ernest Holmes, Religious Science, also known as Science of Mind,  was founded on the belief that all individuals deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.  Gordon notes that from the beginning, a large percentage of adherents and ministers within the Centers have identified as LGBT and that continues today.

ABOUT CENTERS FOR SPIRITUAL LIVING: Founded in 1924 by Dr. Ernest Holmes, there are now more than 250,000 adherents in over 400 centers and communities worldwide. Centers for Spiritual Living’s vision is to awaken humanity to its spiritual magnificence and create a world that works for everyone.  www.CSL.org