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Summer Speaker Series Week One – Rev. Donna Smith – July 13th 2014

Rev. Donna SmithNew Summer Speaker Series

Welcome to the Summer Speaker Series here at the Center for Spiritual Living Anacortes! This is week one of six exciting talks from various talent that will both enlighten your mind and speak deeply to your spirit. I hope to see you there for this great opportunity!

Rev. Donna Smith is our first speaker brining the talk “Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda” to us tomorrow at 10:30am. Come earlier at 10:00 to participate in guided meditation. Music will be performed by Amy Hindman.

Rev. Donna Smith

Reverend Donna Smith is a Staff Minister with CSL Bellingham, who graduated from Holmes Institute in 2012. She brings a wealth of knowledge, leadership and compassion to our spiritual community after having served over 32 years in the military. Donna is a teacher, healer and revealer of Spiritual Truth. Donna is partnered with Ann and together they have been fostering horses for Skagit County for the past three years.

Center for Spiritual Living Anacortes

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